Universität Mannheim / Sowi / Polecon / Lehre / HWS 2017 / Tutorial Game Theory


Tutorial Game Theory
instructed by Jakob Willisch
Wednesday 5:15 pm - 6:45 pm in A5,6 Bauteil B, B317 Seminarraum
Start date: 06-09-2017; Finish date: 06-12-2017

This tutorial accompanies the graduate-level introductory lecture in game theory. Its main objective
is to practice solution concepts for static and dynamic games of complete and incomplete information.
The contents are centered around the material covered in the lecture. Thus, the following key areas will
be discussed: preferences and individual choices, decision theory, normal form games, Nash equilibria,
extensive form games, subgame perfect equilibria, repeated games, bargaining, games with incomplete
and imperfect information, Bayesian perfect equilibria, signalling games. At the substantial level, we
will use these concepts to study, for instance, candidate competition, political lobbying, and war and
deterrence. Students are required to submit weekly problem sets. Moreover, active participation in
class discussions is expected.