Universität Mannheim / Sowi / Polecon / Lehre / FSS 2018 / Hauptseminar Political Economy of Natural Resources

HS Ausgewählte Themen der Vergleichenden Regierungslehre I: The Political Economy of Natural Resources: Curse or Blessing?
durchgeführt von Jakob Willisch
Mittwochs 13:45 - 15:15 Uhr in A5,6, Seminarraum B 244
Startdatum:15.02.2018; Enddatum: 24.05.2018

This course introduces the study of the political and economic consequences of natural resources using a political economy approach. Theories introduced in the course utilize concepts from micro-, macroeconomics and public choice but the focus will be on understanding their intuition rather than technical details. Topics that we will explore in connection to natural resources include institutions in democratic and authoritarian politics, political accountability, transparency, public goods provision, corruption and conflict. Students will also be introduced in the latest empirical approaches to testing theories of consequences of natural resources. There are no prerequisites in terms of knowledge of economics or political-economy.