Game Theory
instructed by Thomas Bräuninger
Monday 10:15 - 11:45 am in A5 6, B243
Start date: 07-09-2015, Finish date: 07-12-2015

Course Description
Game theory and other formal modelling techniques are powerful methodological tools that are widely employed in political science and the social sciences, in general. The associated mathematics and notation can, nevertheless, be bewildering and frustrating to the newcomer. This course exposes students to the mechanics of a variety of formal models used in political sciences, showing them the underlying logic of these models, as well as the surrounding notation and mathematics. The overall aim of the course is to put students in a position where they can more effectively read literature that employs game theoretical modelling, and actually make use of formal modelling techniques in their own work.

McCarty, Nolan/Adam Meirowitz, 2007, Political Game Theory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.